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is a sound artist and producer of contemporary electronic music, art director and music maker. His practice explores the potential of ambient soundscapes through pieces that question the meaning of one's relationship with oneself and the world around us, and how music and sound evolve to create personal experiences.

His compositions explore the development of consciousness and spirituality, and how they connect with music. The coming together of sounds, whether electronic or organic, past or present, local or global. He combines tonal textures with symbolism. 


2023 : Digital exhibition soundtrack for the choreographer Irina - Centre Pompidou . Paris

2023 : The Lowline at Public works administration . NYC

2022 : Exhibition AV/VR of Oscilliation Art . Noor Festival . Riyadh

2022 : Exhibition Chanel of "à main levée"  . Nexus Hall Museum . Tokyo

2022 : Exhibition NeuroScent . Yves Saint Laurent . Dubaï

2022 : Metaverse summit . Paris

2022 : MoveMint – The experience . NYC

2022 : Electric Kingdom – IdolWild Gallery . Los Angeles

2021 : NFT Liverpool . UK

2021 : Blood.Oil.Liberty - KunstHalle Faust . Hannover


2023 : Mercedes AV/VR - Berlin

2022 : Voice of Gaïa -  Original contemporary creation of a music and dance . France

2022 : Interval Festival . Moscow

2021 : Move - Original contemporary creation of a music and dance . France

2021 : Soundtrack for the planétarium Coralogic . Moscow


2023 : AMAMI - Contemporary dance film . Worlwide

2022 : Contemporary dance film - Centre Pompidou . Paris

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Through sound, he creates an electronic and symphonic maximalism. His music is defined by an incessant exploration of texture, textural rhythms and electroacoustic abstraction. Sound is treated as a solid material that can be sculpted and shaped in dimensional ways, evoking abstract emotional associations. This is intertwined with the relentless exploration of texture, rhythm and abstract sound design. He retains the dynamics of atmospheric sound to create a loose, meditative and textured soundtrack, often repetitive and self-exploring creating an expansive listening experience marked by detail.

His recording methods are a creative basis for his sound design process, working around sound perception and personal recording research. His projects range from interactive and multimedia sound design to linear music composition and sound design.

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